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Sometimes I want a real "blog" to blog my thoughts, not just somewhere I reblog nonsense like tumblr...Maybe I'll get a blogger account?

I just don't think LJ is good for a standalone blog? Plus, this particular LJ has waaaay too much history. And I don't think people use LJ anymore except for comms?

Hi guuuys.

LJ is really running slow right now, isn't it?

Soo, updates since my last post!

-Still engaged ^_^
-Not working at that job anymore for reasons. Kind of trying to find a new one, but at the same time, I'm not sure how well I can hold one right now with depression and anxiety being the way it is right now.
-My grandfather passed away :c
-The apartment is SUPER MESSY. Maybe I'll take care of some of that today??

It makes me so happy!!!

A few weeks ago I went through a terrible, terrible bout of depression and I haven't fully recovered. But, I am doing better!

I've been trying to vlog a lot more, but I can't really think of many things to vlog abut :c

And I guess that's it for now?

Magical Girl Honey Honey Bunny Chan!

It's been a little bit since I last wrote...

The most important thing that has happened since then is...I am engaged!
Less importantly, I quit my job because it was just too much. The search continues.

As for the title of the post, Honey is my alternate ego so to speak. I can transform into her! I do not yet have full control over my magical powers, but I am learning, hehehe. Honey has a blog but I'm not sure what to post there yet...Maybe she should make youtube videos? I don't know of what. Suggestions? Anyway, Honey is still shy like me, but she is much more confident and I'm happy for her.

I'm at my parents house for a few days. When I go back, the apartment shall be cleaned vigorously :D

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I like my new avatar huuhuu.

So work has been okay so far. Not many hours yet but I'll get there. It's a job. It's money.

I'm at my parents' house right now. I got a little home sick. But now I'm homesick for my apartment and my boyfriend :c But I'll see him tomorrow. Tomorrow I'm also going to pick up wigs that I ordered ^_^

I haven't been doing well lately, where my crazy head is concerned, and I can't go to my psychologist yet because I have work...meh.

Life is going well!!

I got the job! I start out on Monday! I'm going to be trained for the first few days, then I'm on my own~ But I have the opportunity to cross-train in other departments and get more hours and such and possibly be a hostess as well!! I work in the mornings, at seven or eight until around ten thirty. So, not a lot of hours right now, but it's my first real job so it's a start, and it pays for my half of the rent (making above minimum wage).

I'm also going to be getting my own bank account and debit card as well within the next week, I think!

My boyfriend has a new job, and he'll be working after I get off work in the morning. So I'll use that time to write letters, game, and it gives me time to ride the bus and get out of the house on my own! It might take me a little bit to get there, but it'll be fun to go places like the mall and such by myself, even if I don't buy anything while I'm there.

My job is also by a lot of fun places so I can wander around there! I just have to be careful I don't spend all my money at Ulta or the bookstore...

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Hello again, lovelies.

Nothing too much has happened since the last entry. Just enjoying lazy days at home.

But! I have an interview tomorrow at a restaurant! I would be working early morning before it even opened doing cleaning and such for a few hours. It sounds like a fun job! (I'm weird, I like chores ._.) I really really hope I get it, I need the money to help pay rent so I don't feel so dependent...and to buy lolita clothing.

I have a new dress I want, it's Bodyline's Heart Ballon JSK. The measurements list the bust as X size too small for me, but people who have bought it said it can stretch to waaay over my measurements! And of course, once I get some spare money, I can buy some of the more expensive things I've been wanting...Marshmallow Bunny, lovely AP jewelry, some cute BABY JSKs (I keep buying JSKs but I want! Yesterday I went to a friend's house, and she sold me a replica of Sheep Garden! It fits wonderfully and I have so many ideas of how to wear it.

So, my quest to fit my bust into Toy Parade continues. Bought a sports bra. Nope. Need to get a binder or learn how to bind my breasts.

So since I can't comfortably wear Toy Parade at the moment, I need a new coord to wear to the picnic (which may be an indoor picnic D: rain...) I have no idea what to wear, now. Maybe Sheep Garden? I dunno...;-;

No pictures yet, but, here I am!

Hello! I'm back on the internet and I'm fully moved in! The only thing left to do is to hang some posters!

I love living here. We have no neighbors yet, it's close to two of my good friends, and it's a new building. My new obsession is printing out cute pictures to go on the wall next to my computer.

It's still a little overwhelming, however, but I'll get used to it. Now, I just have to find a job to help support us and to buy more burando!

Speaking of brand...I got one of my dream dresses, Angelic Pretty's Toy Parade...and it doesn't fit in the bust! D: fits extremely poorly in the bust and takes a lot of tugging to get in and out of (ahem, I may or may not have been stuck in it for about ten minutes just now...). I'm so upset! According to the measurements I should have fit! Well...what better excuse to lose weight then this ._. I mean, I do need to lose weight anyways, but...yeah. And I wanted to wear this to the picnic, too!! I don't think I'll be able to...I'm going to get a sports bra to see if that works any better then the bra I usually wear (which is supposed to make my bust smaller anyways) but...meh.

But even though it doesn't fit, I'm very in love with this dress. AP's quality is well worth what I paid for it.

I'm not going to lie, weight loss has not been going well. And I hate myself for it :/ I hate failing at something that should be so simple. (I mean, it is hard work, but simple in theory.) I keep saying, "tomorrow I'll do better!" but that never seems to happen...I need to be much stricter with myself...

Back to the apartment...I'm alone at nights, and often I'm so overwhelmed with things I could be doing I do nothing at all! But tonight I'm determined to stay up until the boyfriend gets home (around seven in the morning). Right now I'm in my bedroom listening to cutesy music in my lolita playlist...I should be writing letters to penpals...or sewing...or applying for jobs...or reading...or drawing...or playing games...or finishing anime....see, there's too much to do! I know I don't have to do it all at once, but...gah.

I just wanna play on tumblr and watch Princess Peachie's videos ;w;
Cool Chikorita

Hello, August~

Say hello to my new apartment!

So I got maybe an hour of sleep, and then boyfriend picked me and some of my stuff up, and we headed to the apartment, where we signed a very long lease. I am an adult! And then we actually found our apartment...I say found because we knew which building was ours, but the actual numbers are not yet on the doors! So it was trial and error xD And then after that my boyfriend surprised me with a gift he had been teasing me about, Atelier Meruru for PS3! I've never played any of the games in the Atelier series, but they look cute and like so much fun, and Meruru had the best reviews (and, you know, looked the cutest!).

So, we brought in boxes, went to his house and got boxes, and then we took a little nap on the floor ^_^ Then we went back to my house where me and my dad took up a load of stuff. And my dad approved of the apartment, so yay!

So tonight, all I have to worry about is...sleeping :3 Tomorrow I'll wake up before the guys come over, shower, pick up the box my dad knocked over and get stuff actually out of my room so they have room to get to my bed and my bookcase. I'm so excited! But exhausted already. Ah well. I'll post again tomorrow with more pictures!
Zoisite and Kunzite

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UGH. I am DONE with packing! (Except the essentials I need to stay out, of course) I am hot and achy from bending and lifting. I'm like an old man.

So we're no longer going to be leaving my house around eight thirty, but instead more like six thirty (in the morning), when he gets off work. So no sleep for me! XD I'm going to be such a literal hot mess today trying to get all these boxes and bins moved in on no sleep. Later today my dad is helping, and then tomorrow two of our guy friends and my dad are going to be helping move the big and heavy stuff. I hope the boyfriend gets some sleep in between all this because he has work on Thursday night/Friday morning.

Hmm, so what am I going to do since I'm too excited to sleep? Oh! At some point, I need to make an entry entirely about my new obsession, Animal Crossing New Leaf! I got it release date and I've been playing it every day since for hours on end. My character is a girl named Honey with pink hair and blue eyes and wearing the Angelic Pretty dress, Milky Planet! She lives in the town of Halcyon, which is full of flowers and happiness! But, I do need to make an entire entry about it with pictures and such. I deeply regret not starting an Animal Crossing tumblr the day I got the game and then keeping up with it and such.

I am soooooo excited to start moving! I know I've said this already but I can't help it! Too happy! No matter how tiring and stressful it may be it's going to be lots of fun! I'll make sure to make an entry here with lots of pictures and stuff!

I think I'm going to play Animal Crossing for a bit and then draw some magical girls. Or sew. One of those. Heehee.