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(no subject) [Jul. 31st, 2013|03:45 pm]

Almost everything is packed except for about three shelves worth of stuff, and all my bathroom stuff which I'm obviously saving until the last moment. I feel ready. I don't feel panicked at all. I'm excited to decorate my new place and especially my desk area. I can do this!

Also, my Angelic Pretty socks came. Yaaay. Haha.
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This isn't entirely about lolita this time... [Jul. 30th, 2013|03:17 pm]
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I'm...mostly packed. I still have some figures, shoes, odds and ends to pack. And posters! I'm taking all my Sailor Moon ones and my Kamen Rider one of course, after that I'm not sure. I'll hopefully get all that done tonight. It's really exhausting, even if I'm not doing that much. Oh, wigs. Note to self. An the boxes under the bed I guess I should move somewhere temporarily. Oh, and I haven't packed any books in my room, crap. GAH! and clean off the big bookshelf...and and and and and...

I am happy to be doing this, but also sad a little bit...I mean, I grew up there and all my stuff is there and I love my parents, but I know living with my boyfriend in a smaller city will be good for me and I'll enjoy it very much. I'm going to enjoy having a new place that's not crammed full of ten years worth of stuff to decorate and arrange how I like. And I'll actually have space! And privacy! And because of our budget, I expect to lose some weight whilst I am there, heehee. I'll enjoy that part. Plus I'm planning on taking lots of walks since campus is right across the street.

Apparently twelve other groups are moving in the same day we are! So we have to be there at nine in the morning on Thursday to sign all the paperwork and then we'll move a bit of my stuff, then a bit of his stuff, then many trips back and forth...Because he and I have so many boxes, I'm predicting this will take more then two days to get all our stuff moved, but oh well. Friday is when we're renting a U-Haul and moving all the big heavy stuff. And of course, it's supposed to rain for the rest of the week!

I hope it all goes well.

Now, about lolita stuff XD The girl who was sending me the socks luckily said they weren't shipped yet! So I'll probably get them tomorrow or the next day. Dream dress is payed off so I'll probably get a call from my mom it came in next week. I'm still also waiting for my Bodyline order and my Juju jellies shoes, but since those are coming from so far away, I don't blame them for taking so long.

My local group is doing a GO for l-email wigs! I'm getting three wigs: A longer, straight rainbow colored wig, a curly twintail pink and blue blended wig, and a more natural wavy brown wig. This will be my last purchase for a long time, until I get a job.

Oh! So I was wanting to have a picnic with my local group...and now it looks like I am hosting one on the 18th! I'm going to make cucumber sandwiches, iced tea, cookies, have some fruits and cheeses sliced...aaah, I hope it's fun. There's not a lot of effort required into putting together a picnic (aside from preparing food) but I do hope it goes well since technically I am hosting it. I want to be closer friends with my local girls.

I thnk that's all for now. Now, should I be responsible and pack? No, let's play on tumblr a bit longer...
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(no subject) [Jul. 25th, 2013|10:30 pm]

One week 'till I move! -hyperventilates-

I still haven't gotten the AP socks from my friend in the mail...I'm starting to worry they got lost or stolen! Of course, maybe she shipped them late, but we live in the same state so anything she ships should get to me fast. If they're not here in a few days I'll ask her, and go down to the post office.

But I have received the Heart Flocky Tiered Skirt and the Star Night Theater replica! The skirt...is a little too short on me (because of my fat ass) so I may be selling it. Or I may keep it and not wear it for lolita? I'm not sure yet. Maybe this is a sign that skirts and I just don't get along and I should sell all my skirts and stick to OPs and JSKs. Anyway, I love my Star Night Theater dress, it's so nicely made and so cute. I'm going to have to figure out how I'm going to coordinate it. It came with the headbow, a front bow, and a tiny bow that I'm not quite sure where it goes, so I stuck it to the side of the headbow :x

So Saturday I'll have the money to finish paying off Toy Parade~ Maybe I'll even have it before I move? Doubtful. Doesn't matter much ^^; But, I'll have an extra $80 in my boyfriend's account I can spend on something. For most of the night, I was thinking, "I can get the Meta LP!!" But after thinking about it, and what I just said above, maybe me and skirts just don't get along. I almost bought an Infanta dress but someone got it before me. I could make another Bodyline order; order a white blouse and maybe a wig to go with it? Or a white blouse and some shoes? Or some shoes and a wig? I'm not sure...I could just order a few wigs, or one wig depending on where I get it from. I could
actually get the Meta LP and hope that the skirt looks good on me...I'm still leaning towards that...but who knows, maybe they'll run out of LPs before I get the chance to buy one, they already ran out of the dark sets. Or maybe I could make a Quitieland order and not see my stuff for months lol. I need to get a white blouse and some different shoes and more wigs, I don't need a skirt and some socks and a shirt...but I'd like them c_c And when you get down to it, I don't neeeed any of this stuff. But where lolita is concerned, a white blouse is pretty essential...I'd like some wigs after that because my natural hair right now is just no...gaaah I dunno.
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Updates, but mostly lolita stuff. [Jul. 20th, 2013|01:49 am]
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Look, it's my face :o

So let's see what's new since last I posted a real entry...still haven't found a job, but I am looking. In two weeks (!!!) I'm moving in with my boyfriend!I'm...not ready, but very ready. Um...that's about all that's new. I should update my profile with current information, shouldn't I? It still says I'm 21 and doesn't have current links :P

So, lolita stuff :P Pretty much around after MTAC, I suddenly decided I despised lolita (on me) and stopped looking at it and was planning on selling everything I own. Then about two weeks ago, I saw a picture of a very pastel lolita and it reminded me why I love lolita. And now I'm back in the fashion hard. And by that I mean I've made/am making/will make lots of purchases!

It started with finding one of my dream dresses, the Toy Parade JSK in black. I made an impulse decision and put that on a payment plan. I'm almost done paying it off!! Then I went to a lolita swap meet, got two new dresses (well, two and a half, I'm sharing a dress with a friend), some AP socks, some shoes, and some accessories. Then I bought...a new petticoat, a pink blouse, two pairs of socks for some coords I have planned...I have a replica of Star Night Theater OP in pink on hold and I just messaged someone about a black BABY skirt ._. So, um, yes, the money has been flowing...right out of my hands.

I opened up a storenvy (Melty Halcyon) to fund some of this, and if you'd like to buy some of my figures, J-Rock/Pop CDs, or my handmade customizable paper star bracelets, I would really appreciate it :) I'm probably going to also upload some plushies too.

I love the feeling lolita gives me and I hope to start wearing it more...as in, you know, out of the house and not to a meetup. I took baby steps in that today by wearing a casual coord and getting the mail. Baby steps! It's okay when you're in a group, but when you're all alone, it's very scary!!

My plan of attack is when my parents get back intown and they pay me for house sitting, pay for Star Night Theater replica, and then when my friend pays me for something he owes me, finish paying for Toy Parade. My first real AP :D I've also been considering getting the cheaper of the Meta lucky packs if a certain item from my store sells...but I'm not sure. I need a new white blouse, I need some red things to go with Star Night Theater (it's pink, but at the bottom it's red), I'm looking at wigs, andandand...all these things I want. I neeeeeed a job!! I'm looking, I swear! Oh, I guess I have to call people back tomorrow...I'm scared. Wish me luck.

Now, to update my profile!
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._. [Jul. 19th, 2013|01:45 am]
Does anyone use LJ anymore?

I kind of want to again, but I want friendies.

I'm back into that frilly life.
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(no subject) [Apr. 7th, 2013|12:43 am]
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So I was still spectacularly sick through MTAC, but as of right now I'm 90% better.

Since I was sick, I didn't feel I could perform in either VelStarr or Para2Mahou's performance or dance at the panels, so most of my con time that wasn't in the hotel room was spent sitting in my boyfriend's panels or in the hallway with friends. I think the most vigorous thing I did was go through the dealer room, haha.

But since I didn't perform, there was a bit of dramu with P2M...I can understand feeling like I didn't earn my badge, I didn't earn it at all, and I feel bad about that. But then there was an accusation that I never intended to dance with them in the first place, so...that's kind of...

But I have my VelStarr! *hearts* I actually started a new YouTube channel for my own refilms, BunnyVelvetStarr. I hope to do a refilm every day or so...I got excited and did three today c_c So far they're not the best (and not from the best angle) but...it's something I can do for fun.

Speaking of fun, my boyfriend got me a slime ps2 controller to cheer me up at MTAC...and I've actually never played a Dragon Quest game, so I got 8! I'm not too far in it yet ^^; but I'm enjoying it.

Hopefully this summer will be the summer of finishing games and TV shows...I say that every year though. And I might get a job at a clothing store? We'll see.
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(no subject) [Mar. 24th, 2013|09:41 pm]
So today started out with me puking my guts out ._. I think it was just my sinuses draining into my throat all night that caused it. But I've been very careful with what I eat and drink today. Not that I've been hungry. I'm forcing myself to drink a rum and coke right now to help my throat stop hurting.

So obviously, I didn't go out today, except when my boyfriend came just to see me for a few minutes :3
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(no subject) [Mar. 23rd, 2013|10:42 pm]
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My dress caaaame~

Sorry for the lack of makeup and wig and accessories, I still feel bad x_x
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Cherry Blossom Festival [Mar. 23rd, 2013|02:21 pm]
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So yesterday I had a bit of a sore throat. Today I woke up with it even worse. But I had to go. So I got there really early and talked with Holly a bit while freezing. Then Scott, Lissi, Ashley, and Beth showed up so we ran through our performance. By that point I was getting really hot, but I thought it was just because I was dancing. Mike and Josh and Venus eventually show up and we set up our table, get checked in, etc. I noticed I was starting to feel kind of dizzy. My boyfriend showed up about then so I could lean into him. Eventually it was time to perform so we headed up to the stage. I thought we did an okay job, not our best, but okay. After that I got super dizzy so Kyoji took me home. I was so scared of throwing up on the ride home but so far I haven't *knocks on wood*. When I got home I had the chills really badly and everything on me was aching. That was about a few hours ago, I'm still kind of dizzy and my nose is still running and I'm aching but I don't feel as bad.

So I have para practice tomorrow...am I going to be able to go? I don't know. This is like MTAC Odyssey all over again. Hopefully I'm not sick during the convention.

So after the convention, I'm going to buy another replica xD (if it's still available). I'm such a horrid lolita. But Princess Peachie does it, so it's okay :3 She's my favorite lolita.
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(no subject) [Mar. 22nd, 2013|04:50 pm]
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So we're not staying in the con hotel this year...that's okay, I guess. As long as it's not too far of a walk and the toilet isn't haunted like it was last year xD But I will stay in that hotel one year, I will!

So I've been on a bit of an ordering spree lately...I got the Dream Sky replica, a pink Rhapsody wig, a little tarepanda plush, and I'm probably going to order some candy-covered tights tomorrow!

Oh! So tomorrow is the Cherry Blossom Festival and I'm performing with P2M at 10:45...so early haha. But my boyfriend will be there at least so it'll all be okays. Half of me isn't scared at all, and that scares me. I only half know what I'm wearing tomorrow c_c Whyyy don't I have more black bottoms I can wear? Where is that black skirt I used to wear all the time? Oh well...

I really wish I was wearing lolita tomorrow but next year I guess. And I guess it's a good thing I don't have any money to spare or else I'd just buy something I don't need. Although I do need food at some point so hopefully I can convince my parents to give me a bit of money .___. I really hate not having a job and having to be so dependent like a little kid.

Still no word bak from any jobs. Still applying everywhere I can. Siiigh.
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