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Hi guuuys. [Nov. 22nd, 2013|06:41 am]
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LJ is really running slow right now, isn't it?

Soo, updates since my last post!

-Still engaged ^_^
-Not working at that job anymore for reasons. Kind of trying to find a new one, but at the same time, I'm not sure how well I can hold one right now with depression and anxiety being the way it is right now.
-My grandfather passed away :c
-The apartment is SUPER MESSY. Maybe I'll take care of some of that today??

It makes me so happy!!!

A few weeks ago I went through a terrible, terrible bout of depression and I haven't fully recovered. But, I am doing better!

I've been trying to vlog a lot more, but I can't really think of many things to vlog abut :c

And I guess that's it for now?