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Hello, August~ [Aug. 1st, 2013|11:37 pm]
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Say hello to my new apartment!

So I got maybe an hour of sleep, and then boyfriend picked me and some of my stuff up, and we headed to the apartment, where we signed a very long lease. I am an adult! And then we actually found our apartment...I say found because we knew which building was ours, but the actual numbers are not yet on the doors! So it was trial and error xD And then after that my boyfriend surprised me with a gift he had been teasing me about, Atelier Meruru for PS3! I've never played any of the games in the Atelier series, but they look cute and like so much fun, and Meruru had the best reviews (and, you know, looked the cutest!).

So, we brought in boxes, went to his house and got boxes, and then we took a little nap on the floor ^_^ Then we went back to my house where me and my dad took up a load of stuff. And my dad approved of the apartment, so yay!

So tonight, all I have to worry about is...sleeping :3 Tomorrow I'll wake up before the guys come over, shower, pick up the box my dad knocked over and get stuff actually out of my room so they have room to get to my bed and my bookcase. I'm so excited! But exhausted already. Ah well. I'll post again tomorrow with more pictures!